Best Of 2007

Best Bachelorette Party Getaway: Put-in-Bay

Located 80 miles west of Cleveland, this small island on Lake Erie, dotted with Key West-style cabanas, is the perfect destination for bachelorettes who can't afford a trip to Vegas. At night, Put-in-Bay's Delaware Avenue is like an MTV-sponsored spring break. The drinks aren't Cleveland-cheap, but aren't big-city spendy, and bars offer discounts for brides-to-be, who are as ubiquitous here as the fake palm trees. Adorned in cheap white veils and T-shirts decorated with condoms and lollipops, they find no shortage of over-muscled, expertly gelled guys willing to pay a "buck" for a "suck." "Blow jobs" -- sweet Baileys-and-Kahlœa concoctions -- are one of the most requested shots on the island; throughout the bars, you can hear bachelorettes being encouraged to "suck it." And, just as in Vegas, what happens in the bay stays in the bay -- as long as your girlfriends leave the digital cameras at home.