Best Of 2007

Best Creepy Hangout: Lake View Cemetery

When you think of places to just hang, cemeteries probably don't top your list. But Lake View Cemetery, on the eastern edge of Cleveland, isn't your typical burial ground. Built in 1869 and modeled after the great garden cemeteries of England and France, Lake View's luscious landscape captures the beauty of life, not the darkness of death. A full-time horticulturist maintains Daffodil Hill, where 100,000 bulbs have been coloring up the dark since 1940. Plus, a trip to Lake View, with its monuments to James A. Garfield, John D. Rockefeller, and Eliot Ness, is a way to get to know big-name Clevelanders. It's also got a dam that can hold back up to 80 million gallons of water -- a feat of engineering worth taking a stroll for. So tell your friends! This weekend, the party's at the cemetery.