Best Of 2007

Best Nostalgic Day-Trip: Chagrin Falls

Just a short drive east of Beachwood, this former mill town is nestled among rolling hills and serene streets. In addition to the waterfalls for which it's famous, downtown Chagrin Falls offers an escape back to the better days of childhood -- or into an episode of the Gilmore Girls. You can sample ice cream and out-of-this-world kettle corn at the stubbornly old-fashioned Popcorn Shop, or catch a show at the Chagrin Valley Little Theatre. With its red brick face and arched windows, even the town hall on Main Street is charming. There are plenty of shops and boutiques to keep you browsing on a lazy afternoon, or you can just sit and listen to the roar of the falls, and pretend you've escaped to the WB series of your choice.