Best Of 2007

Best Cassettes: Record Den

Located in suburban strip-mall hell, this shoebox-size store boasts everything you can't find at the mega-mart across the street, from rare CD imports to an assortment of vinyl reissues that rivals the best of Cleveland's indie haunts. But what makes Record Den stand out is its hefty offering of a forgotten format: the audiocassette. Across a 35-foot stretch of wall sit roughly 5,000 tapes -- some used, some still shrink-wrapped, and all amazing. Here you'll find unopened copies of Thelonious Monk, the Clash, Jesus and Mary Chain, James Brown, and more. Though many folks have forsaken their tapes for CDs and MP3s, those who still have their old decks will revel not only in the nostalgia of a bygone medium, but in the unbeatably low prices, ranging from $2 to $5. That means you can walk away with Black Sabbath's entire discography for under $20 -- a hellish steal well worth a tour in strip-mall hell.