Best Of 2007

Best Naked Yoga: There's No Place Like OM

When a nudist group first approached yoga-studio owner Buck Harris about a flesh-friendly class, he wasn't enthusiastic. Who can reach nirvana with all those body parts flying around? But he soon discovered that the all-male lesson was his most popular class. Twice a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays, members haul out their mats and proceed to do the downward dog in their birthday suits. It's quite a spiritual experience, the 60-year-old Harris says. "Our clothes really are sort of our armor. Shedding them makes you feel more vulnerable -- and perhaps closer to your inner Zen. Given a choice now, I don't really like teaching yoga with clothes on." Harris is considering requests for an all-female class, but for now, this brand of enlightenment is limited to men only. Call ahead to register.