Best Of 2007

Best Ultimate Frisbee: Cleveland Disc Association

If you've never played ultimate frisbee, you may have images of sandals-wearing hippies traipsing around a field, trying to catch slowly hovering discs without spilling their bong water. As cool as that would be -- can someone invent that already? -- ultimate is fast-paced and physically demanding. Whether you're an old pro, looking to perfect your long bombs and finger throws, or a newbie who just wants to break a sweat, sign up for the Cleveland Disc Association's summer leagues, held every year from June through August. Teams are split into three tiers, based on the level of competition. At the end of 10 weeks, a championship game determines the guys who will reign supreme as the Cleveland Disc Association's Summer League Champions. Also check out the CDA's pickup games in the fall. Still no bong water, but it's a more relaxed environment for ultimate rookies.