Best Of 2009

Best Entertaining Scandal: Eric Brewer's Cross-Dressing

So on at least one occasion, the tough-talking mayor of East Cleveland donned women's underwear and a wig, and posed and pouted for homemade boudoir photos. Here's what we don't understand: Why anyone cares. Yes, it's embarrassing for him and kinda funny for the rest of us. But Brewer had never played the "family-values" card, and his choice of undergarments — on the job or off — has fuck-all to do with his ability to lead the most struggling city on Northeast Ohio. Maybe voters were prepared to toss him out anyway; Jesus Christ himself would make enemies grappling with the problems East Cleveland faces. So we hope the job is everything that Gary Norton, unopposed in the general election, has been wishing for. But we won't worry about Brewer; he'll be OK. In his first post-leak interview, with Inside Edition, he put it all in perspective: "To the lady I was with, I looked great. We had a good time." — Lewis