Best Of 2009

Best Happy Campers: Simply His Servants

It's astounding. Time is fleeting. Madness takes its toll. Does this sound like your life? We all need a psychic reboot from time to time, and nothing combines gleefully childish behavior like screaming and dancing with grown-up perks like staying up late as beautifully (or raunchily) as The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Non-virgins know that Rocky Horror is no mere movie, and at the Cedar Lee's monthly screenings, Simply His Servants provide the floor show necessary for the full experience; it is to musical theater what pro wrestling is to sports — unabashed, subversive fun. SHS are all volunteers but they take the performance seriously. Prospective new cast members must earn the right, through repeated viewings and rehearsals, to portray the movie's singing, dancing, boffing characters. The rest of us can just enjoy the late-night double-feature picture show. We want to go. ( — Lewis