Best Of 2009

Best Bang for Your Buck: Luxe Kitchen Family Meal

Mention the phrase "family meal" and images of grease-stained buckets of fried chicken invariably come to mind. Mention that phrase at Luxe, and prepare to be wowed with a multi-course meal that costs little more than the aforementioned bucket. Adventurous diners who order the family meal are rewarded with a three-course spread served family-style for just $22 per person. I say adventurous because the chef decides at the last minute what will be served. (Meat, fish or veg preferences are respected.) Dinners usually include salad or appetizer, mains and dessert, with portions more than generous enough to satisfy all participants. For folks who love a bargain but hate deciding what to order, the family meal offers the best of all possible worlds. (6605 Detroit Ave., 216.920.0600, — Trattner