Best Of 2009

Best Micropub: Brew Kettle

From time to time, a man feels the need to be proactive in his own inebriation — not simply purchasing the booze, twisting off the cap or plunking down a few dollars for his favorite draft. No, he feels the need to brew, to craft that which he will later enjoy from start to finish. The Brew Kettle is not only one of the few such options for such an ambitious drinker, it's the best. What started as a small storefront where folks could brew small batches has grown into a brewpub with two dozen micros and specialties on tap, a wonderful kitchen serving up smokehouse and traditional bar fare, and the brew-it-yourselfer's dream setup. Pick a type of beer that you want from the Kettle's list of over 70 offerings and you're supplied with everything you need in your quest for Brew Master certification. It's a no-fuss recipe for a beer you quite literally can't screw up in a clean friendly atmosphere with the people that know this stuff best. Brew it, bottle it, label it, take it home and enjoy. (8377 Pearl Rd., Strongsville, 440.239.8788, — Grzegorek