Best Of 2009

Best Sweet Treat: Pretzables

Lisa Paige Blair's chocolate-covered-pretzel creations — "Sweets with a twist" — are like little works of art, almost too pretty to eat. Almost. We took a platter of them to a party recently, and they quickly became the center of attention; adults were shooing kids away to claim more for themselves. If that sounds cruel, it's only because you haven't tried them. Quality chocolate wrapped around a salty crunch, some smothered in toppings like mini-M&Ms or peanuts — it's all far too sophisticated to waste on kids' simple pallets. And we can scarcely describe the Pretzabits, addicting little cookie-like concoctions that you'll want desperately to eat by the handful, diet be damned. There are a few pretty packages to choose from so they make great gifts — but order some for yourself. You'll thank us. (30700 Bainbridge Rd., Solon, 440.349.3311, — Lewis