Best Of 2010

Best Chinese Food You Won't Recognize: Wonton Gourmet

Every blessed time we visit Wonton Gourmet, we swear that we'll explore deeper regions of the menu. After all, the bright and tidy AsiaTown restaurant couldn't make it any easier, considering that the room is wallpapered with color photos of each and every dish. But try as we might, the words that tumble out of our mouths invariably sound like: "turnip cakes, chive potstickers, shrimp dumpling soup, Hong Kong-style fried chicken, roast duck, and sautéed Chinese greens, thank you very much." Hey, at least we don't order the sweet-and-sour pork! Sure, there have been times when we wandered a bit, mixing things up with an order of salt-baked shrimp or clams in black bean sauce. And we liked them — we really, really liked them. But that doesn't stop us from going back the next week and saying, robotically, "turnip cakes, chive potstickers, shrimp dumpling soup..."

3211 Payne Ave., Cleveland, 216-875-7000