Best Of 2010

Best Sausage Fest: Gibbs Butcher Block

Located on a scenic bluff above the Rocky River, inside a cool old wooden mill called . . . The Old Mill, Gibbs has perfected the recipe for more than 200 varieties of fresh gourmet sausage. Each week you can select from up to 40 different weenies displayed in their enormous glass case. Organized under general categories such as Fresh Fruit, Pizza, Kielbasa, Premium Meat, Seafood, Cajun, and Chicken, you will discover some of the most bizarrely tasty combos in all of sausagedom: pineapple sweet potato, black and bleu bison, pepperoni mushroom pizza, sauerkraut garlic kielbasa, honey almond strawberry, rice pilaf chicken, cannonball BBQ shrimp, and Cuban black beans and rum, just to name a random sample. Each gourmet dog costs only $2-$3, and each new variety will keep you coming back for more. Best to pay a visit on Saturday afternoons, when Gibbs lures you in with sumptuous free samples cooking up on the grill outside.

9858 East River Rd., Columbia Station, 440-235-2766,