Best Of 2010

Best Ballsy Broadcaster: Sharon Reed

In the wake of LeBron James' traitorous "Decision," 19 Action News' Sharon Reed placed a call to the one other man who had previously carried the mantle of being Cleveland's most reviled former resident: Art Modell. She managed to conduct nearly a 30-minute, uninterrupted interview with the longtime recluse, gaining a unique perspective on what it means to piss away an entire metropolitan area's mountain of goodwill. It's that type of ballsy journalism that's made Reed a force to be reckoned with in the Cleveland media. As anchor on 19 Action News — the station that never met a cheesy story it couldn't make a little cheesier — Reed delivers hard-hitting news stories and exposés with courage and class. She is perhaps best known for appearing on the news naked in 2004 in "Body of Art," a story on photographer Spencer Tunick's Cleveland project, which featured 2,700 other naked people and landed Reed on David Letterman's show. If there's an exclusive opportunity in the air, Reed is the one most likely to get the goods.

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