Best Of 2010

Best Tastemaker Blog: Rule of Next

The arbiters of high style over at the local clothing retail chain Next have a lockdown on all that's cool in the hip-hop hipster aesthetic. Now the store has spread its reach far into cyberspace with Rule of Next, a blog run by the shop's staffers. The experiment works in part because the blog doesn't stick merely to sartorial matters. In additional to reppin' new sneakers and styles found on the chain's shelves, and alerting readers to promotional events, posters to Rule of Next share music videos from marquee hip-hop and indie acts, artist news, and other interesting trivia essential to uphold your standing as an übercool urbanite. The team also posts performance videos and interviews from Next events, making the site a first stop for checking out local up-and-comers.

Next stores are found at:

26300 Cedar Rd. (Beachwood Place), Beachwood, 216-593-0029

1796 Coventry Rd., Cleveland Hts., 216-320-9275

4779 Northfield Rd., North Randall, 216-581-2340