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Best Place to Buy Vinyl: Music Saves

"Record Store Day" is an annual event during which record labels large and small roll out exclusive product to mom and pop record stores around the country. When it's Record Store Day in Northeast Ohio, Music Saves is the place to be. Earlier this year, there was a line out the door of slavering vinyl junkies waiting to browse the limited-edition titles. On non-holy days, you'll have an easier time getting your hands around the place's huge selection. In fact, Music Saves regularly stocks hard-to-find vinyl releases that the big boxes just won't touch, as well as a hardy selection of locally made vinyl. Located next door to the venerable Beachland Ballroom, Music Saves doesn't post regular business hours, so check in advance to make sure it's open before launching your adventure.

15801 Waterloo Rd., Cleveland, 216-481-1875,

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