Best Of 2010

Best Reason Not to Sleep at Home: The Alcazar

Alcazar is the Spanish word for "fortress," and this historic edifice is a true citadel of Cleveland bed & breakfasting. For only $89, you can spend a night in a private chamber, exploring the majestic five-story pentagon structure, which surrounds a lush botanical courtyard complete with a large fountain at its center. Imagine a posh 1923 residential hotel where guests step into the natural stone of the Spanish-tiled lobby and are greeted by these welcoming words written over the doorway: "Esta es su Casa de Usted" — which, if two years of public school Spanish serve us correctly, means "this is your home." A stop on the National Register of Historic Places, the Alcazar is an architectural gem of Spanish Moorish design, replete with a grand ballroom full of shimmering chandeliers and the Kulas Music Room, with its magnificent grand piano. It's just minutes from the action at University Circle and Little Italy, and a great end to a fabulous night.

2450 Derbyshire Rd., Cleveland Heights,