Best Of 2014

Best Up and Coming Band or Musician: Darnell 25

Self-described as "The Alan Cox Show's frequent and only blind/handicapped caller," Darnell released the poppy single "A Love for All Seasons" in 2011 with the hopes of raising enough money to buy a keyboard. He calls the song "one of the most emotional journeys through sound ever written by a blind person in a wheelchair." Given the number of qualifications involved in that statement, he might just be right. We're not sure if sales from the single (it only cost a dollar to download the song, and his Bandcamp site doesn't suggest he has a ton of fans) helped him meet his goals and acquire the instrument, but a new keyboard isn't going to help him overcome the stigma of being a novelty act. Thank your fellow readers for this one, guys.

Staff Pick: Wesley Bright and the Hi-Lites