Best Of 2014

Best Locally Made Beer: Christmas Ale, Great Lakes Brewing Co.

The empty cases at grocery stores. The loud laughter at Northeast Ohio bars after Thanksgiving. The "this couch feels unusually comfortable" feeling you had in December. All of these point to the simple fact that Great Lakes Christmas Ale still is the best beer brewed here in Cleveland. It's strong, festively spiced and has basically dominated brew talk near and far for the better part of the past decade. Every year, you or somebody you know asks around and basically exhausts every beer-related resource available to figure out when Christmas Ale can be purchased. It's good for football, great for holiday parties and even better for boosting your own profile when your friends can't seem to find it anywhere but your refrigerator. Here's a toast to best brew in the 2-1-6.

Staff Pick: Head Hunter, Fat Head's