Best Of 2014

Best Patio Dining: Reddstone

Clevelanders possess the single most important tool for identifying the best patio — a solid five months of pent-up, frigid frustration. So there are few categories they take more seriously than Best Patio Dining. Enter Reddstone, the Battery Park gem that won this very category a year ago and donned the Best Patio Drinking crown the year before that. It's one thing to indulge in tasty tacos or a pork sandwich hilariously dubbed the "chucklef*ck;" it's even better to do so on a gorgeous evening in an open space within one of Cleveland's coolest 'hoods. The shaded atmosphere, breakfast burritos and pancake stacks also make this place a must for Sunday brunch all summer long and beyond.

1261 West 76th St., 216-651-6969,

Staff Pick: Flying Fig

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