Best Of 2014

Best Patio for Drinking: Market Garden Brewery

How can you tell that a patio is ideal for drinking? People drink on it... year-round... in Cleveland. You can smell MGB from down the block — and not just because of the pleasant malt aroma emanating from the brewhouse. There's also that woodsy campfire perfume coming from the towering stone wood-burning fireplace. During winter, strangers gather around that fireplace and get to know one another over beers. In summer, the whole city, it seems, fills the communal tables of Cleveland's first true beer garden. When you combine that setting with world-class craft beer, next-door neighbors like the West Side Market and Nate's Deli, and the artisan neighborhood of Ohio City in general, you end up with a little patch of earth that feels like the center of the universe — with beer.

1947 West 25th St., 216-621-4000,

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