Best Of 2014

Best Vegan: Tommy's

Sure, we know this category seems like an oxymoron. Eating vegan sounds plain gloomy if you ask us — which, the last we checked, is the opposite of "best." But then one day at Tommy's we got confused while ordering (all those proper names, all those options) and we ended up with a vegan sandwich. Not only did we not plotz in our milkshake, but we actually felt great the entire rest of the day. Certain that it was a random coincidence, we returned the next day and ordered a different vegan dish — this time on purpose. Same result! What we love about this decades-old Coventry Village institution is that it doesn't pressure people to live any particular lifestyle — a remnant of its hippie-era genesis — pleasing herbivores, carnivores and omnivores alike with its wholesome food and love-all vibe. Peace, love and milkshakes.

1824 Coventry Rd., Cleveland Heights, 216-321-7757,

Staff Pick: The Root Café

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