Best Of 2014

Best Filmmaker: Turnstyle Films

The founders of this blossoming local film company came together for Cleveland's 48-Hour Film Project nearly four years ago and have been creating badass short films, documentaries and music videos ever since. Head to their Vimeo page and check out the 11-minute doc The Naked Zinester about quirky "renegade" photographer Aaron Tsuru and adult model Cherry La Voix. Or check out the incredibly well-done music videos Turnstyle has produced like the hilarious one for hip-hop outfit Smoke Noises' song "2000 Pounds" (featuring three rappers in fat suits, of course) and an intense black and white video for Cleveland hard rock band All Dinosaurs' "Tight Rope" track. The Russo brothers ain't got nothing on Turnstyle.,

Staff Pick: Joe Siebert, director of The Sax Man