Best Of 2014

Best Over-Exposed Local Celebrity: Michael Symon

The evidence for this pick is found in the very pages of this magazine. By last count, readers voted Michael Symon the winner in some 1,378 categories, or at least it feels that way. Best Chef, Best Twitter, Best Dome, Best Laugh and a whole gamut of other distinctions. If you take a brief moment to look up while reading, you'll probably find Michael Symon staring back at you from the TV, where he's on The Chew, Iron Chef and a string of other Food Network shows. And if you look away from both this mag and the TV, you'll probably notice that you're sitting at one of Symon's restaurants in Northeast Ohio — Lola, Lolita, B-Spot (and some others are on the way soon). And when you think of what you might be doing later, you might consider heading down to the Q, or a Browns game or the casino, at which point you'll have the option to eat some Symon food at one of those locations. And when you're planning dinner for tomorrow night, you might be looking at a recipe from one of his three cookbooks. He's everywhere, and when he's not working, he's probably popping into a special event or calling into a local sports talk radio show to give his opinion on the Browns. We love ya, Michael. Just, uh, give us some space.

Staff Pick: Bernie Kosar