Best Of 2014

Best Reason to Stay in Cleveland: Family

Come for the vast array of top-notch drinking holes and that starter job opportunity, but stay for your family, which is actually a hell of a lot cooler than you realized when you left Ohio back in 2003 in a haze of marijuana smoke and hormones in pursuit of some hazy life experience in New York. You may still feel slightly uncomfortable to be seen with them in public. But really, who else is going to offer you their box Cavs seats, or take you to brunch in Ohio City, or show you where their pre-purchased plots are in Lakeview Cemetery (um, that's kind of weird, but okay, grandma)? No one, that's who. Cleveland people are a unique brand, and we stick around and stick up for each other, which is why folks return in droves once it's time to settle down.

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