Best Of 2014

Best TV News Team: Fox 8

Local TV news can embody all the worst that humanity is capable of, and we're only slightly exaggerating here. Between the hair and makeup, disorienting graphics and ambushing cameras, grating personalities and trumped-up rhetoric, it's more circus than journalism and gives viewers every reason to turn the channel. But Fox 8 toes a nice line, offering reasoned commentary and informed anchors that let stories breathe and take shape without resorting to ploys common among other stations like, "You won't believe what common condiment lurking in your fridge will probably kill you in your sleep tonight. The answer after this commercial break." Viewers want to be educated, not slapped in the face with stupidity and juvenile hijinks. Which is why readers love Fox 8's team, including Wayne Dawson, Elisa Amigo, Bill Martin and others. From Kickin It With Kenny in the morning to a balanced news wrap-up at night, Fox 8 is far and above its competition.

Staff Pick: Fox 8