Best Of 2014

Best Beer Shop: Lizardville

The folks at Winking Lizard looked around one day and realized, hey, our bars have some of the best beer selections in the city, but where might one go to buy bottles of all this stuff on a retail level? Thus was born Lizardville, which is part bar, part restaurant and part beer-bottle bonanza. Organized helpfully by style, the selections at Lizardville far and away outpace in number and quality what you'll find in the grocery store or corner quick stop. Plus, there's the added bonus of a staff well versed in the intricacies of brew, so they can walk you through how something might taste or how it's made (what the hell is a double IPA, anyway?), offer suggestions from the hundreds of options and do what they do best: make you a more informed beer drinker.

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Staff Pick: Lizardville

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