Best Of 2014

Best Bicycle Shop: Eddy's

"This is the year I'll start riding my bike again!" you proudly proclaim each spring. And by the time fall arrives, you're usually kicking your own fat butt for yet again neglecting to jump onboard this most socially visible exercise. But this, in fact, will be the year that you do start riding your bike again! First, you'll need to buy a bike (otherwise known as a "bicycle"). Pencil in a visit to Eddy's as early as today; they'll get you hooked up with all you need to know about the world of two-wheeling (don't refer to it as "two-wheeling"). In-store visits are a must, as you'll need to undergo a size assessment before you snag a bike and steer into traffic. Feel free to toss all manner of questions at the Eddy's employees. They're pros and they can handle whatever level of non-expertise you're bringing. Listen, this is the year that you start riding. Now, really: Go make it happen.

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