Best Of 2015

Best Korean: Seoul Garden

Since 2008, this mom-and-pop shop has been catering to a select group of in-the-know diners who fully comprehend that there is no better place to go within 100 miles for authentic Korean food. Ignore the exterior hell, ignore the interior and focus solely on those bubbling cauldrons of jungol, spicy beef, seafood or lamb stews for two. What's more fun than tabletop grilling? Here, large platters of thin-sliced pork belly or beef brisket are cooked up on tabletop griddles and packed into lettuce leaves for easy eating. No Korean meal begins without a spread of banchan, small portions of raw, pickled or fermented goodies, and the spread here is the most impressive and extensive anywhere.

5270 Pearl Rd., Parma, 216-661-5990.

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