Best Of 2015

Best Chance for a Hole-in-One: Manakiki, Hole 7

Face it, you so long ago abandoned all hope of nabbing a hole-in-one that you’ve nearly forgotten what the term means. If you’re anything like anyone else, you know that the best shot you’ve got for acing a hole is by sheer, audacious luck. Thankfully, Northeast Ohio boasts a number of neat par-3s that, with a friendly wind and a jovial shot off the tee, any sucker could land in the hole (as unlikely as that really is). Hole 7 at the beautiful Manakiki is one such hole, one that comes after a brutal and super hilly opening third. Think of this hole as a respite from the serene frenzy of a game at Manakiki. If you aim just right, you might even pick up a nice humblebrag for the rest of the outing.

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