Best Of 2015

Best Extreme Sports Business or Location: Loudonville

Take a short hour-trip south and you'll find yourself in an outdoor mecca. The Mohican State Park and Loudonville offer canoeing, kayaking, zip-lining, camping and the serene scenic outdoors in full beauty. (It includes the longest zip-line course in the state, where one line takes riders up to 70 mph across a valley.) All of that is bound to get your blood flowing in the fresh air, which we could all use from time to time. And if actual sporting isn't your thing, feel free to take a 5 or 10-mile trip down the Mohican River in a canoe while drinking a few beers, otherwise known by its more colloquial designation as cabrewing. This is a fantastic vacation destination (family-friendly, too), and still the whole area works well as a day trip. Doesn't it feel good to be near so much cool stuff?