Best Of 2016

Best Comedy Venue Series: Accidental Comedy Club

Cleveland's comedy world has been building momentum for years. But nothing's quite captured attention like the Accidental Comedy Club, our lovely city's independent comedy operation. A rotating show of standup talent organized by Ramon Rivas and a few others is basically guerilla comedy, ending up in new weird locations as well as holding down some regular gigs. Have a comedy show on the roof of the Cleveland Hostel? Sure. How about one at a former Slovenian hall? Fuck yes. A high point was a recent gig featuring nationally known comic Hannibal Buress. But each evening is an impressive showcase of Cleveland's brightest joke slingers, and Accidental's annual comedy festival — Accidental Comedy Fest, which is bringing in big names from around the country — is yet another reason why it's the soul and core of the Cleveland comedy scene.