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Best Polish: Sokolowski’s University Inn

We don’t have to tell you about Sokolowski’s, the popular Polish cafeteria in Tremont. After hearing about it for so long — the joint’s been peddling perogi for 90-plus years, for Pete’s sake — you’ve surely been. You already know about the famous home-style stuffed cabbage and savory Salisbury steak, served up without fanfare to long lines of loyal fans. It’s probably only been a week or two since you’ve enjoyed a heaping plate of kielbasa or schnitzel, so thin and crisp it lingers still in your memory banks. Tell us, did you cap off your most recent meal with rice pudding, carrot cake or fresh fruit pie? It doesn’t matter. It’s all good, as we’re all well aware by now.

1201 University Rd., 216-771-9236,

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