Best Of 2016

Best Seasonal Fest/Event: Brite Winter Festival

Cleveland is notorious for fickle weather. Sometimes it’s a boon —summer in April! — and other times it’s a bust — winter in April! The weather changes, but the great thing about Cleveland is that it really doesn’t change our plans. We know how to deal with the elements and we’ll celebrate sleet as much as we celebrate a warm, sunny day. (One’s clearly better than the other, but still. You get our point.) Where else, after all, are you going to find an outdoor concert festival in the dead of winter? That’s right, nowhere. That’s why we love Brite Winter, which brings us a bounty of great bands while we wear our parkas and scarves and huddle around fire pits. This year the festival moved back to the West Bank of the Flats, and it was larger and more badass than ever, with thousands in attendance. It’s one reason not to dread the arrival of winter on the North Shore.