Best Of 2017

Best Spot for Day Drinking/Bar for Singles: Town Hall

Best Spot for Day Drinking/Bar for Singles

Once upon a time West 25th Street was known for the West Side Market and not much else. These days, of course, it's Brewery and Bar Central, making it a natural destination for drinkers and party goers. TownHall, since its arrival on the scene, has quickly become a packed-to-the-gills favorite all hours of the day, whether you need to whet your noontide whistle or while away an evening. The place offers a wide selection of craft beers, and most cost only $5, a real bargain at a time when a pint of some exotic suds from a specialty brewer will often cost much more than that. And if you're single? There are few better places to hang — the bar, a relaxed affair during daylight hours, becomes a fervent and bustling affair as the night goes on and is a must-stop on the see-and-be-seen circuit. Local celebs love the place, the veg-friendly menu is strictly non-GMO, there's a coffee shop, and a dynamite patio. Enough said?

1909 West 25th St., 216-344-9400,