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Best Ice Cream: Mitchell's Ice Cream

Best Ice Cream

It's been a quick three years since Mitchell's Ice Cream opened its Ohio City headquarters, but already it feels like an indispensable part of the neighborhood. Emanating from this centrally located production facility and retail scoop shop is a feeling of hometown pride, all fostered by founding brothers Pete and Mike Mitchell. Of course, quality ingredients like local grass-fed milk and cream, plus fresh seasonal fruits and flavors, manage to elevate this sweet treat to peak perfection. Perennial favorites like Coffee Chocolate Chunk and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup make for a powerhouse of core products, but seasonal specials like Geauga Maple Walnut and Wildberry Crumble give us something fresh to look forward to throughout the year. With a clear commitment to community and sustainability, these guys are like a Ben & Jerry's of the Rust Belt.

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