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Best Late-Night Eats: Edison's Pizza

Best Late-Night Eats

It's 2 a.m. in Cleveland. You could Lyft home and cook up some Easy Mac. Or you could raid the fridge for leftovers, eating them cold from a Styrofoam container while standing over the sink. Or you could do what you really want, which is make your way to Edison's for some delicious pizza. The cheese is 11 kinds of gooey; the crust is crisp and buttery in a way that Domino's only wishes it could muster. The wait may be long, but every torturous minute of it is more than worth it. And then, finally, your name is called and you've made it: the holy grail of late-night eats in Northeast Ohio.

2365 Professor Ave., 216-298-4484,

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