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Best Local Juice Bar: Beet Jar

Best Local Juice Bar

It took a lot of hard work, sacrifice and home-cooked meals as payment to get Beet Jar open in 2014. Once in business, the juice makers quickly established themselves as purveyors of some aggressively healthy and delicious plant-based foods and juices. It's not just dreamy concoctions like Cashew Mylk or the pun-titled smoothies like Cayenne West that have brought these produce wranglers righteous acclaim. It's the Bravocado sandwich, a vegan take on the BLT that has won the shop rabid fans (food celeb Alton Brown among them). If you happen to find yourself in Hingetown come happy hour, duck into neighboring bar Jukebox to enjoy Beet Jar juices featured in cocktails that are tasty and almost —almost —good for you.

1432 West 29th St.,