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Best Beach: Edgewater

Best Beach

Whether it's the depths of winter or the scorching peak of summer, all somehow endured in a single week it seems, Cleveland's weather is a fickle beast. But we're a hardy folk, and no matter the temperature we're always up for a day at the beach. Maybe we'll bring a picnic. Maybe we'll swim. Maybe we'll play catch. Maybe we'll fly that kite that's been sitting in the closet for three years. Maybe we'll bring the dog! (Of course we'll bring the dog!) But with a shoreline as beautiful and robust as ours, the inevitable question looms like a specter, haunting and piercing: Which beach? Which beach? If you're a true Clevelander, the answer is summoned immediately: Edgewater. After the Cleveland Metroparks took over operations it suddenly became a real destination: The sand was clean, the volleyball nets intact, the programming robust and entertaining. And there's more, of course: A new beach house is under construction now that'll provide a bar, a kids' play area, a diner and a viewing deck from which you'll be able to enjoy those priceless Lake Erie sunsets.

6500 Cleveland Memorial Shoreway, 216-653-3200,

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