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Best Gym: Tremont Athletic Club

Best Gym

Come summer in Cleveland, you're suddenly surrounded by joggers. Everyone jogs, it seems. They run with their dogs and their children. They run by themselves mouthing the words to Beyonce songs. They wear high-end gear — they call it "athleisure" — and they wear that shit exclusively. You observe this phenomenon among both males and females. They wear neon jogging jackets and reflective leggings to the bar and you feel like maybe you are supposed to be impressed. You are not impressed. Your head is spinning because this shit has gotten out of hand. In truth, you wouldn't mind doing some jogging from time to time, and maybe in a cleaner, cozier environment where you also could have access to new exercise equipment and staff that doesn't make you feel like you just walked into an exclusive club you have no business entering. Is that asking too much? You're begging: Can a non-fitness-freak millennial just find a decent gym in these parts? The answer, you discover, is yes. Go see Nick at the Tremont Athletic Club.

2306 West 17th St., 216-400-8205,

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