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Best Place to Hike: Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Best Place to Hike

Just south of Cleveland sits more than 100 miles of trails among 33,000 acres of nature, diverse plants and wildlife, and some of the best views in the entire region. A gem and a model of conservation situated between two industrial cities, the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, also home to the outdoor concert venue Blossom Music Center, offers a glimpse of just about any natural (and man-made) habitat Ohio has to offer, including marshes, beaver ponds, quarries, caves and even an Indian mound. Bald eagles have begun nesting in the park as well. And in case you've forgotten, and many of you have, there's an actual national park — one of only 58 in the entire, vast expanse of America — just a short drive from wherever you live in Northeast Ohio.

1550 Boston Mills Rd., Peninsula (Visitor Center), 330-657-2752,

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