Cleveland 2021: Artist Loren Naji Christens Second Time Capsule After Henry Senyak Destroys First

Telling a crowd of more than 100 that "we have to move forward," local artist Loren Naji installed a new time capsule in Ohio City last weekend. He used the same plot that had previously held another time capsule — meant to be opened in 2050 — until neighborhood "watchman" Henry Senyak burned the wooden sphere and all of the contents.

"Yeah, I came out here the other day and found a horrible burn site," Naji said. "I just don't get it. The time capsule is just a fun thing to bring everyone together. And it was sanctioned by the city and completely up to code."

The new capsule contains a handful of notable local items and will be opened in 2076. A two-way mirror with a camera monitoring all comings and goings has replaced the wooden sphere.

Senyak seemed undeterred.

"I don't like what that Naji fellow is up to," Senyak told The Press. "I drove by his place at 10 a.m., 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. today: Each time I saw three people inside. I will catch him. Wait, are you talking to me while driving, Mr. Reporter? I hear that. You're talking and driving. Where are you? Please pull over and wait until the authorities arrive."

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