Big Book of Cleveland: Trivia

So you think you know Cleveland?

You probably knew that America's finest city gave the world Halle Berry and Paul Newman and sports teams with an extraordinary knack for losing.But did you know that we're also God's gift to spaghetti, and we churned out one of the biggest rock records in history? Thought you knew what Cleveland was all about? Try our quiz and see.

1 What former Cleveland Safety Director is better known for bringing gangster Al Capone to justice?

2 What famed superhero was created by a pair of pals from Cleveland's East Side?

3 What former U.S. President was born and raised here

and is buried at Cleveland's Lake View Cemetery?

4 What area school was the nation's first interracial, co-ed institute of higher learning?

5 What onetime Cleveland brewery took its name from the English translation of the Indian word "Cuyahoga"?

6 Celebrity chef Michael Symon attended what Cleveland-area high school?

7 What iconic rock & roll record was created by a Cleveland label best known for polka music?

8 The law offices of legendary industrialist John D. Rockefeller were once housed in the building of what popular Cleveland establishment?

9 What 1978 film centered around labor unrest in Cleveland?

10 What nationally known Italian chef got his start in Cleveland?

11 Originally settled by Moses Cleaveland, our city came to be known as Cleveland. Why the spelling change?

12 What was Cleveland's international claim to fame in 1879?

13 Though penned as an ode to our town, Ian Hunter's anthem "Cleveland Rocks" was originally released under what title?

14 What professional team holds the distinction of posting the worst season in the history of its sport?

15 Paul Thomas Anderson, director of the films There Will Be Blood and Magnolia, is the son of what legendary Cleveland celebrity?

ANSWERS: 1) Eliot Ness. 2) Superman. 3) James A. Garfield. 4) Oberlin College, which opened in 1833. 5) Crooked River. 6) St. Edward High School in Lakewood. 7) Meat Loaf's Bat Out of Hell (by Cleveland International Records). 8) The Great Lakes Brewing Company. 9) F.I.S.T., starring Sylvester Stallone. 10) Chef Boyardee (born Ettore "Hector" Boiardi). 11) The "a" was dropped so that the name "The Cleveland Advertiser" could fit on the newspaper's masthead back in 1831. 12) It became the world's first city to be lighted electrically. 13) "England Rocks." 14) The Cleveland Spiders, who went 20-134 in 1899, the worst record Major League Baseball has seen before or since. 15) Ernie Anderson, better known as 1960s late-night movie host Ghoulardi.

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