Cleveland 2021: Cleveland T-Shirt Companies Announce Launch of "2021" Collaboration T-Shirt

Fourteen of Cleveland's 37 T-shirt companies came together on a special project recently. The result, the commemorative "Cleveland 2021" T-shirt, will go on sale this week.

Simply an orange T-shirt, it will retail for $135.

"It was a real team effort on the design," said Genna Yolo of Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Designs. "The orange is a nod to the color orange and the shirt is a wink and a nod to shirts that people wear."

As to the meaning of the year 2021, Laurie Palmer said, "What? There's a rule that big dates have to end in 0 or 5? Someone mentioned it was the 30th anniversary of the Browns drafting wide receiver Michael Jackson, so that very well may be the inspiration."

Pre-orders are already rolling in.

"We thought about putting 216 or CLE on the front," said Yolo, "but we really wanted to keep it artistic and minimalistic while also staying true to the mission of the city."

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