The 2014 Comedy Issue

The 2014 Comedy Issue
Illustration by Aaron Sechrist

Buoyed by the response to last year's inaugural Comedy Issue, which mainly fell into the category of, "Not among the worst things I've seen in the paper as I search for the nudie ads in the back," we decided to forge ahead with Year 2. So if you like laughs, you've come to a place. 

In the following pages, you'll be exposed to a motley bunch of topics and familiar writers. But there's also a laundry list of new contributors, from BIG TIME HOLLYWOOD folks like Jeff Schaffer, Northeast Ohio native and creator of the League, to local standup comedians, to funny fucks who grew up here and decided Ramon Rivas was not the boss of them and moved away, to names that are completely made up because their current employers would frown on what they have to say. 

You'll learn how to make friends with Louis CK and get on his show, what it's like for a Kent State grad to try and make Lorne Michaels laugh, more about Akron than you ever wanted to know, what it's like to be a female comedian dating other comedians, and why you should probably avoid Zachariah Durr during the holidays. 

We're thrilled with everyone who jumped at the chance to pen something for this issue. We like to think of it as an honor; they probably think of it as another example of performing on a stage they're better than for little to no money. Maybe if you call more of the numbers included in the nudie ads in the back, we can pay them better next year.

We're also not angry at those who passed on the opportunity to write something. We get it, Mr. or Ms. Big Shot: You're busy. So we hold no grudges against the Cleveland native and TV star who declined while noting he had just had neck surgery and couldn't find a free afternoon in four weeks to make you laugh. The price must have been wrong. Or the Northeast Ohio native and cult hero who simply said he wished he could have done something but simply didn't have the time. Dry, cold American winters are his busy season, apparently. Or the late-night breakout actress whose broadcast TV public relations department responded to our request for a chat with: "Would love to revisit in the spring." We let them know we'd like to revisit when her show's ratings aren't eclipsed by Lizard Lick Towing.

See? No ill will here. Just a joyous celebration of laughs and Cleveland talent.

Seriously: Thanks to all who took a swing at making you laugh. And thanks to you for reading. 

The Greatest Performance of My Life or That Time in High School I Dressed Up as an Old Man and Bought Beer by Jeff Schaffer

How Not Quitting My Day Job Helped Get Me on Louis by Jim Tews

The Akronpedia: A Devilstrip Dictionary of Akrony Things People in Cleveland Probably Ought to Know by Martin Cizmar

SNL and the Gentle Crushing of Preciously Undreamed Dreams by Jessica Joy

Job Training, Cleveland Style: Why Everyone Should Work in the Forest City, Even If Just Briefly, and Preferably as a Writer by Ferdinando Beltran

The Pitfalls of Dating a Comedian by Kali Fencl

I Survive in L.A. Because of Cleveland, And You Can Too by Colleen Doyle

Zachariah's Handy Holiday Tips! by Zachariah Durr

A West 25th Street New Business Guide by Mike Polk Jr.

What's Next? by Ramon Rivas

Cleveland’s Newest Comedy Room Is One You Probably Don’t Know About. Please Read On, and Be Sure to Flush by Devon Newson [online bonus content]

What It’s Really Like to Perform at Comedy Bathroom by Tim Cornett [online bonus content]

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