Cleveland 2021: Troy Smith Named Editor of Amid "Walking Dead" Based Rebranding

Noted Walking Dead blogger Troy Smith was named the editor of today during an announcement that the former tabloid-style news blog would become a Walking Dead forum. The entire website will be devoted to Smith's brand of Walking Dead coverage.

"We've tried everything: Lists, videos, enterprise stories, sending Chuck Yarborough to the lake to interview seagulls. Nothing's really sticking," says Tim Knight, newly appointed president of Undead Midwest, formerly known as Forward Buckeye, formerly known as Advance Ohio, formerly known as Northeast Ohio Media Group. "But Troy's really tapped into what people want: Long-winded explanations of what happened on a television show. He even gets the spoilers right there in the headline!"

As editor, Smith will continue to write about the Walking Dead even though the show is no longer on the air. He has said that he'll focus on recaps of his previously published recaps, as well as fan fiction.

Much of the newsroom staff will be laid off, though Knight and Smith tell The Press opportunities will still exist for a few former sports reporters to ask professional athletes if they've ever watched the show.

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