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Re: “Northeast Ohio's 50 Most Frustrating Cold Cases

I am so sorry
I didn't post her whole name which was
Angela Rochelle Mowers
Drake was her married last name!!
FEBRUARY 6 1965. AUGUST 30, 1984

Posted by Bridgette Mowers Wade on 12/02/2017 at 6:45 PM

Re: “Northeast Ohio's 50 Most Frustrating Cold Cases

How do you go about getting a death investigated? My sister was 19 years old, and had got pickup one night by the local Sheriff's Department in Morrow County, she
had never served the weekend in jail that the Judge had sentence her. So she was picked up, and taken in August 29th 1984. I will say that she had spent a weekend before and also a night here and there, and would tell our Mom,how the corrections officers would come up all hours of the night wanting "special favors" okay back to the story... Let me tell you a little bit about my sister at the time of her death. She was going through a divorce,moved back home with our Mom,me and another younger sister and brother!! She had an awesome job making great money by being a press operator in a factory. Just had bought her first "new" car off a local lot, and no kids!! She was excited about the way her life was going!! Always had a smile on her face, and tons of friends, she just really enjoyed life and loved the way hers was headed!! She
Was absolutely a Happy go lucky Gal!! Well the night she got picked up, after they got her booked in, they let her make her free phone call, she called home, I answered the phone that night, and had I'd known that that would be my last time talking to her I sure wouldn't of talked to her the way that I did!! I gave her all kinds of hell for putting our Mom through all kinds of worries, and bad mouthed her for partying. She just said Let me talk to Mom please so I did and she was just wanting mom to know where she was so that mom wouldn't be upset and worrying. She had to do a weekend and would be out no worries!! Well seeing how I had school the next day, I went ahead and went to bed. Angie called at about 10 min till 11:00 pm that night, forty minutes later a cop was knocking on my mom's door only telling her that their had been an accident involving Angie and that it was real serious and she was in the ICU at the local hospital. He told Mom that he would take her to Angie, Mom said that he wasn't going to tell her anymore than that there had been a bad accident, but on the way to the hospital, mom pleaded with him to tell her exactly what happened, that's when the cop told her that Angie tried to hang herself in the jail cell with a hand towel, and by the time that they found her she had already stopped breathing and that they had to administer CPR on her until the ambulance got there, that by the time she was headed for the hospital she had started breathing again!! By the time My Mom made it to the hospital, Angie was put on life support, and my mom was told that there wasn't any brain waves, and that if Angie we're to live she would be a vegetable!! Angie fought until 6pm the following evening!! Here are some facts: 1.There was no female cop on duty that night, she shouldn't of even went behind bars 2.Angie had an autopsy performed on her, the reason for death was from being hung, but that she also had a bunch of old blood like from a hemmorage,3rd. Funeral director told Mom that she had bruising on her abdomen, and scratches on her neck. And I had also been wondering when I saw it in her room, but I was 17 what did I know, but I had remembered seeing a tube coming from Angie's mouth, and I could tell that it was blood that was in the tube, so I followed the long plastic tube to see where it was going and at the end of that tube was like a Gal.jar and it was just dripping blood, I looked all over to see where they were pumping blood back into her, and there wasn't any!! The next day my Mom,Dad and my Mom's sister went up to the jail house to get some answers, but I never knew until just the other day that the only person that they had questioned was the Sheriff. I'll never understand why they never questioned the officers that we're working that Evening, I am as a matter of fact really upset by this!! How could you just except this nonsense!! I know that we were really poor then, and Mom always said that it would never bring Angie back, and that someday they would have to answer to our Dear Lord!! They had a heck of a time getting the sheriff in there to question him, we had our County fair going on at the time, and Sherrif Tom Hardin thought that being at a pig auction was more important than to answer some questions about how was this young lady able to commit suicide in his Jail, I guess Sheriff Tom Hardin went willingly after he saw them coming towards the stands at the pig auction.
When they got back up to the jail, my mom wanted to see the cell that she was being held in, and they went up the stairs to the cell she had been in, and mom asked the sheriff what had she stood on to push herself off of to get high enough to be able to hang, and the sheriff said well she had pushed that steal table with those 2 steal chairs welded to it over to the bars to stand on, My Mom and Dad tried moving that table and not only was it heavier than hell, but mom said it made scruff markes on the floor, not to mention the dust that was on the floor, and the ear breaking screeches and echoing it made!! Mom said there was absolutely no way she was able to use that table!! Let's not forget about the hand towel that she supposedly tore into a "L" shape and put it around the bar and then tied a knot under her chin, he did get a little messed up when mom asked to see the towel,she said that he went and retrieved the towel from a safe, and she said that they had it all folded up nice and neat, and it had some blood on it, mom asked how did they know she was hanging and he said well they look around the banister and was able to see her, but when mom asked him how were they not able to hear that big screech noise, the sheriff said that well because they had the big thick wooden door to the cell closed!! Well if that big wooden door would of been close than they wouldn't of been able to see Angie!! And when asked how were they able to get her down, the sheriff said that they had to cut her down before they could open the door, well if that's true, than shouldn't that hand towel of been cut into 2 pieces with a knot in the middle!!! I just would love for someone to help me get Justice for Angie, and maybe to give her family and friends that has spent over 30 years not being able to except that suicide was the reason for her death, to finally get some closer, knowing that they did the best that they could for her!!!

Posted by Bridgette Mowers Wade on 12/02/2017 at 6:31 PM

Re: “Hell to Pay

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