Esperanza Inc. Executive Director Victor Ruiz's Father Died in Puerto Rico Following Hurricane Maria

[image-1]As Northeast Ohio's Puerto Rican communities — from the near west side of Cleveland to Lorain — collect supplies for friends and family and wait for updates on the recovery efforts following the absolute devastation Hurricane Maria brought to the island, some sad news to pass along.

Esperanza Inc. Executive Director Victor Ruiz says his father has passed away on the island after widespread electrical outages prevented him from receiving  medical treatment.Ruiz, who heard the news from a cousin, told the most frustrating thing right now is fog of uncertainty and the lack of communication, what little of which comes from spotty cell phone service and social media update. "Myself and a lot of people have no idea what's going on," he said. ""The immediate thing is to put pressure on the government to act more quickly... calling Congressional representatives until it's made easy to get these funds and supplies to the people."