Cleveland Hardcore Band Included on New Punk Rock Compilation

The '80s zine xXx chronicled the now-famous underground hardcore and punk scenes of the time. Now, a project between Bridge Nine owner Chris Wrenn and Mike Gitter, the forthcoming book, xXx Fanzine 1983-88: Hardcore & Punk in the Eighties, captures the era. It includes articles about the “generation-galvanizing likes of Minor Threat and SS Decontrol” as well as acts such as the Cro-Mags and Fugazi.

It also includes reprinted fanzine pages, hundreds of largely unseen photographs and over 100 then-and-now interviews from people such as Fugazi’s Ian MacKaye, Black Flag’s Keith Morris and Milo Aukerman.

In addition to the book itself, which comes out in November but is available now for pre-orders, there will be a 64-page, limited accompanying book that reprints all three issues of Gitter's pre-xXx zine, Suburban Mucus, as well as a photos and flyers from the golden era of hardcore in Boston that couldn't fit into the book itself. 

Still Having Their Say, the 19-song compilation that accompanies the book, features acts such as Nomads, Walter Schriefels and Fu Manchu.

Notably, the Cleveland-based hardcore act Fuck You Pay Me contributes a cover of the Subhumans’ track “Religious Wars” to the album, which will be available as a limited release on vinyl.