Band of the Week: The Dreemers

MEET THE BAND: Ben Patrick (guitar, vocals), Rob Keith (bass, vocals), Natalie Grieshammer (drums, vocals)

IN THE BEGINNING: The group came together in Akron in 2015. Keith and Patrick went to high school together, and Grieshammer and Keith are distant cousins. "We met through the art and music scene," says Patrick, who had previously played in another band with Keith. "We still had studio space, and that's how Dreemers formed. We tricked Natalie into playing drums. I gave her a lesson and she learned how to play through that. We forced her into the band and it went really well." Patrick inherited his dad's records and absorbed a good dose of retro rock. "He has the classics and the rare finds," he says. "I used to download a crap ton of music. We love early jazz and rock and rap. We love all kinds of music."

SOULFUL SURF: The band's full-length debut, Beach Mode, features a range of music. It includes driving blues, surf pop and soulful doo-wop. The group went to the newly formed Akron Recording Company, which was founded by the Dreemers and Nate Bucher of See Creatures, to record the album. The studio is situated near old factories in Akron's East End neighborhood. "We have a great space for making analog recordings," says Patrick. "There are four or five musicians involved and we've been doing shows there. We have a nice live room and want to do releases through the studio." San Francisco-based artist Andrew Pitrone, who's originally from Cleveland, did the artwork.

WHY YOU SHOULD HEAR THEM: "Rock and Roll Deathwish," the first track on Beach Mode, begins with a series of screams before the surf-y guitars, old-school organ riffs and B-52s-like vocals kick in. "Everybody's doing it," goes the refrain, which the band repeats over and over. "Hand in the Mirror" features soulful vocals and a plodding drumbeat that makes it sound like it came from the '60s. "Feelin' Fine" includes a gospel intro, but "Better Than That" ditches the gimmickry and comes off as a great garage rock tune. "The elements of the songs just come from our influences," says Patrick. "We will have a punkier song or a bluesier song and then throw some kind of riff at the end, and it will go into doo-wop or some other genre. We just jam a lot and when we do that we blend styles together. Robert writes the hooks. I often write the verses and he provides the choruses, and I think that's where the merging of the styles comes from."


WHERE YOU CAN SEE THEM: The Dreemers perform with See Creatures and DJ Andrew Novak at 8:30 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 6, at Musica in Akron, and at 2 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 7, outside of MOCA Cleveland in University Circle's Uptown District as part of Studio-A-Rama.